"Don't you know? I'm the man who will surpass God."

Classification Human/Meister
Height 5'6"
Weight N/A
Race Caucasian
Complextion Normal
Hair Blue
Birthday Febuary 22nd (Ash Tuesday)
Soul's Sound N/A

Black*Star is the orphaned son of White Star and is the last of a long line of assasins known as The Star Clan. The Star Clan once only craved money, but soon began to crave power instead and began to feast on the souls of humans. During a DWMA raid, the entirity of the Star Clan was wiped out, except for an infant Black*Star. Black*Star was taken in and raised by DWMA staff member Sid Barrett. Black*Star later became a powerful fighter and was partnered with the Dark Arm Tsubaki Nakatsukasa. Black*Star is part of the main Meister Trio in the Soul Eater anime series and is one of the main characters in Soul Eater: Noir Ange.

An assasin, a skilled fighter, and a brave comrad. Not the first things that pop into mind when you think of Black*Star, but they're all true. However, at first his... interesting personality gets in the way.