Death the Kid


Meister/Grim Reaper/Shinigami






Caucasian/Death God


Deathly White


Black with three white stripes running through the left hand side

Eye Color



October 31st (All Hallow's Eve/Halloween)

Soul's Sound


Symmetry is key, everything must be asthetically pleasing.

Death the Kid is the Grim Reaper or Death God son of Lord Death. He is part of the main Meister trio and is also a primary character in "Soul Eater: Noir Ange". He is a Twin-Pistol Meister and is partnered with Liz and Patti Thompson. Currently his powers only equate to a fragment of his father's although he shows great potential to become as great as, if not, even greater than his father. It is hinted at throughout the series that Kid's life force is tied to his father's own. The stronger Kid becomes, the weaker his father gets. Kid also appears to have had romantic affections for Maka Albarn, although these were quickly brushed aside when the witch Zelda appeared. He acts as the voice of reason to his team and, being a Grim Reaper, is more able bodied and thus more capable of dealing with pre-kishin souls than his classmates.


Death the Kid is more often than not, a cool, calm and sophisticated figure. However, Kid will enter bouts of rage of nausea if he sees or does something that is asymmetrical, more often than not the three white lines (the lines of Sanzu) that run through the left hand side of his hair. This is tied in to Kid’s obsessive compulsion with symmetry and has often led to Kid's downfall in battle and, once, even as he headed to engage in battle. However, when Kid is required to fight in times of need, there is often no force on this Earth that can defeat him. Kid's views of right and wrong are well set, however does not wish to purge evil from the world. Rather, control how much evil there is so that it balance's with the good.



Death the Kid (armed)

Death the Kid, we can assume, was born and raised in Death City alongside his younger sister, Hannah . It is unclear whether or not his father lives with Kid, but Kid has been confirmed as to be living in Gallows Mannor with his weapon partners Liz and Patti. Kid does not require to raise Liz and Patti to the rank of Death Scythe as when he becomes a Grim Reaper he will inherit his father's Death Scythe's and gain new ones from Academy students. However in Kid's own words: "I want to build my own weapons to my own specifications."

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Death the Kid is stronger physically and phasmalogically than his classmates due to his Grim Reaper blood. This means that Kid can survive wounds and attacks that would kill a normal human, can do greater damage in hand to hand combat that his other classmates and has a more powerful Soul Wavelength.

The lines of Sanzu upon his head also grant him extreme bursts of power whenever one of them connects completly. This happens rarely and is more often than not, an inpermanent state.

A full list of abilities can be seen below:

  • Reaper Combat Art: Mortal Sin Stance
  • Soul Perception
  • Death Cannon

    Death the Kid: Death Cannon (Firing)

  • Super Death Death Cannon (anime)