The Eight Powerful Warriors or the Eight Guardians were possibly the first Meisters ever trained by Lord Death. The warriors lived and fought in the time before Lord Death bound his soul to Death City. Although they are mentioned, only three are identified.


Supposedly, Asura was the most powerful of the Warriors. However he was also the most frightened of them all, to an extent that he wrapped his face and head in long scarves an wore many shirts on top of each other. Asura became obsessed with power and ate his own weapon so as to begin his journey and become a Kishin. When he became a Kishin however, Asura was defeated by Death and had his skin removed. Death fashioned this skin into a bag and stuffed Asura in it.


Eibonne is not really discussed in the manga, however is a more defined plot point in the anime. Eibonne was a wise sage who wanted to learn the secrets of immortality. When it became obvious that Death would not aid him in his quest, he sided with Arachne and created Magic Tools such as Brew for Arachnaphobia. However he was unsucsessful in learning the secrets of imortality.

The Great Old OneEdit

A powerful and undefined being with no real form and who generates a similar madness to that of Asura. Trapped in the eigth chapter of The Book of Eibonne it is hinted that he represents the fictional 'Eigth Deadly Sin', the sin of Power.