"There's a limit to the insanity I'll put up with!"

Classification Weapon-Gun
Height 6'2"
Weight N/A
Race Caucasian
Complexion Pale
Hair Brown (Middle Back)
Eye Colour Blue
Birthday January 15th
Soul's Sound Acoustic Guitar

Elizabeth Thompson is the sassy older sister to Patricia Thompson and is a Demon Pistol just like her sister. She is partnered with Death the Kid, a Grim Reaper who took Liz and her sister off of the streets in return for being his weapon partners.


On the surface, Liz seems like a sassy, streetwise and otherwise perfectly normal young woman. However under the surface is a scared superstitious person who often screams at the first sign of danger. But she is also a kind and determined person who will always do the right thing, though it may take some coaxing if she is afraid.