Franken Stein
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Short- Grey

Eye Color

Dull Green


April 20th

Soul's Sound


Lets see if we can't turn this lovely skin of yours into sandpaper?


Strong? Yes. A genius? Most probably. Insane? No doubt in hell. Doctor (sometimes known as Professor) Franken Stein is debateably the most powerful Meister to have ever graduated from Shibusen (DWMA). There is no doubt that Stein is in fact a powerful Meister and was the first partner of Spirit Albarn. However Stein is also susceptable to bouts of madness that will drive him to dissect any passer-by. He veiws anything in the world as an experimental test subject, Spirit Albarn being one of them. Stein has also conducted experiments on himself, the result being that he now has stitches running across his body and a bolt stuck straight through his head. Twisting this bolt seems to alter Steins mental state or perception. Stein fathered a child with Marie. Their son was named Samuel Franken Stein and is debatably even stronger than his father. He is also the adoptive father of Sarah and Danny Albarn... begrudingly. Stein possesses a sadistic sense of humor that at one point drove Stein to suggest to Spirit that he swapped the toes of Spirits left foot with the ones on his right foot to see the Death Scythe's reaction. He also has an almost complete lack for most forms of life, at one point going as far as to dissect an endangered bird with nothing but nonchalaunt interest. He is however, capable of showing compassion and kindness, though he is often confused by displays similar affection.


Little is known about Stein's background. He has always had an interest in dissection and was even diagnosed by several pshyciatrists who all failed to understand why Stein cut apart so many things. When he joined the DWMA and was partnered with Spirit, the young scythe kept a close eye on Stein so the young madman couldn't dissect human life. Stein was also responsible for raising Sid as a zombie, although whether or not this was per Death's instructions for Maka's, Soul's, Black*Star's and Tsubaki's remedial lesson is unknown.
Stein 2

Professor Stein's Witch Hunter (Armed with Spirit Albarn)


. Stein has a soul wavelength attack called "Soul Force" is sometimes called "Soul Menace" It is when he uses his soul wavelength to create electricity .