Classification Human/Weapon (Chainsaw)
Height 6'2"
Weight N/A
Race Caucasian
Complextion Sickly Grey
Hair Staw-like blonde
Eye Colour Hazel
Birthday N/A
Soul's Sound N/A


Sadistic, cold, angry and generally the most horrific type of person you could come across is the best way to describe Giriko. A murderous man with a dark and dispicable soul, Giriko is over 800 years old. Using techniques he learnt as an enchanter from Luthe Village, Giriko swapped his memories and experiences with those of his children, living out at total of thirty lifetimes. He is also a magic weapon, created by Arachne. His weapon form is that of a chainsaw and, like Justin, doesn't need a Meister to fight. He is already, effectively, the perfect killing machine.


If anyone has a personality of blood its Giriko. His soul is filled with a such deep bloodlust and hatred that it threatens to tear arpart his very being. Whilst living in Luthe Village during the 800 years hiding form Lord Death, Giriko had to become a nice, gentle person in order to escape the DWMA's radar. However the moment this was no longer necessary, Giriko snapped back to his original persona, prefering being a alcaholic, brutal murderer to being a nice, peaceful enchanter.


For 800 years he lived as a peaceful enchanter of Luthe Village under many different persona's, using the skills he learnt as an enchanter to swap his memories and soul with those of his children living out 30 lifetimes. It can also be assumed that Giriko passed down his ability to become a chainsaw with his soul. Little is known about the time he spent working for Arachnaphobia, how he came to work for Arachne or how he became a Dark Weapon.