Hannah is a Shinigami created through unnatural albeit accidental means, when Lord Death and his wife Ai were practicing some ancient techniques that only Grim Reapers can master. There was a massive explosion and somehow when the smoke cleared there was this little girl. Sort of funny, if one thinks about it. The incident must have happened when Kid was younger because of two reasons: His sister is only three years younger, and two: his parents were still on speaking terms.

Hannah is about fourteen at the start of “My Destiny My Fervent Plea”, but doesn’t appear in the timeline until “The Spartoi Chronicles”, making her around sixteen years old. She is shown to be living with her mother somewhere in Aruba.

By the time she appears, she is the exact height of Kid, and shares a love of wearing black clothing. Her normal attire consists of a dark red short-sleeved hoodie and short black shirt (with a cross on it) that shows her midriff. Her footwear consists of black combat boots. More often than not she can be seen wearing black cargo pants or a black plaid skirt.