Meister- Human/Warlock


N/A during Part 1; Two-Star during Part 2


5' 11”


135 Lbs.






Brown, straight

Eye Color



March 13th

Soul's Sound


Martin Anthony Reed, better known as Marty to his friends and allies, is a Twin Blade Meister. At first, he's a primary antagonist in Soul Eater: Noir Ange due to his defection, but he eventually comes back around, much to the enjoyment of his friends. He's quite exceptional with his Weapon, despite Twin Blade being one of the rarest forms. In hand-to-hand combat, he uses hit-and-run tactics and doesn't always fight fair. A solid example of his "unfair" fighting style is when he gives Soul Eater Evans a solid kick to the groin (much to the annoyance and disapproval of not only Maka Albarn, but his weapon partner Hannah Clarkson) followed by a knee to the nose. However, considering the onlookers at the time (The middle Mizune sister and Maka) he feels his actions were justified in terms of keeping the illusion that he was on the side of the Witches.

Physical Description Edit

Marty has short brown hair and brown eyes. (Will be continued later)

Personality Edit

Rule Number One. NEVER PISS ME OFF!

—Martin Reed

Marty is, to put it gently, one cool customer. Laid-back and street wise, he can sometimes be seen as a wise-guy, but he has his heart in the right place, and will go to almost any length to help someone, be it friend or foe. He tends to be sarcastic, and sometimes his laziness leads to some awkward moments between him and his Weapon partner, Hannah Clarkson. Lastly, Marty has an explosive temper with an alarmingly short fuse. It is wise to avoid making him angry whenever possible.