"Think of like this, why should I keep something if I have no further use for it?"

Classification Witch
Height 6'1"
Weight N/A
Family Chrona Gorgan, Arachne
Race Caucasian
Complexion Serpentine
Hair Brownish Blonde
Birthday May 6th (Astralogicly Attributed to Snakes)
Soul's Sound N/A

Medusa Gorgan is a cold and manipulative witch who believe's it is her duty to restart the evolution of mankind, believing that the DWMA has halted evolution in its misison to defend the world. She sought to do this by reviving the Kishin Asura with Black Blood, a substance that is believed to be of her own creation. Medusa is a powerful witch, both in physical strength and magical prowess. Strong enough that she matches and possibly exceeds the skills of Professor Franken Stein.


Mercy, remourse, compassion, love. These are just a few of the many words that the Witch Medusa cannot comprehend.