Kid, Maka, and Blak*Star, three of the many Meisters that appear.

Meisters are humans with exceptionally strong souls, and use their wavelengths to attack. Usually this requires a Weapon to channel their soul energy, but in the rare case that a Meister has a very flexible soul, they can attack with their soul's wavelength directly in the form of Soul Force . Often a requirement of being a Meister is the ability of Soul Perception, but it is not always the case as even some normal humans are able to sense the spiritual plane, if only at a much smaller scale than the most powerful Meisters. Sometimes, though, a Meister's Soul Percetion can be about as weak as a normal humans, and the only requirement is to be able to manipulate thie wavelength and harmonize with a Weapon.

Meisters That Appear in the SeriesEdit

Maka AlbarnEdit

Top of her class at everything, Maka is Team Mom of her group of friends. She's a scythemeister, and her Weapon partner is her cousin Daniel Albarn.

Sarah AlbarnEdit

Cousin to Maka and recent addition to class crescent moon, Sarah is a strange little girl who somehow became a part of her cousin's circle of friends. She is also a scythemeister, and her Weapon partner is Soul Eater, her cousin's former partner.


A hyperactive knucklehead ninja, who, despite his shortcomings, is a pretty strong Meister. He weilds the level-headed and obliging dark-arm Tsubaki Nakatsukasa.

Death the KidEdit

The only son of Lord Death and Lady Death, Kid is the epitome of uptight. Despite his OCPD getting in the way for the most inconvenient of moments, he is a very skilled Meister in addition to being a Grim Reaper. He double-weilds the twin pistols, The Thompson Sisters.

William AlbarnEdit

The eldest son of Ferra and Chad Albarn. He is a vey powerful, albiet insane, Meister who supports Medusa and wants to kill and destroy anyone and anything in her way. 


The only child of Medusa. Crona is a powerful Meister in addition to a Warlock to lacks magic. He is timid, easily frightened, and has Black Blood . He wields Ragnarok, the dark blade.

Erik AltezioEdit

Handel CrossEdit

Hiro AzuzaEdit

Kim DiehlEdit

Ox FordEdit

Kilik LungeEdit


Zelda KitsuneEdit

Shinigami- Sama(aka Lord Death)Edit

Samuel F. SteinEdit

Son of Professor Stein and Maire. Samuel is a teacher at the DWMA and perhaps one of the most powerful Meisters alive. His weapon is Sarah Scaife.

Sid BarettEdit

Franken SteinEdit


Ferra AlbarnEdit