An organization hinted at in "Witches Man, Witches." Nosferatu is an organization of thirteen vampires founded by Count Dracula after his Masters Soul is stolen by the Shining Witch.

The Groups GoalsEdit

The goals of the group were to eradicate the Witches Mass, but over several years of failures, the groups numbers are reduced to seven. The members go into hiding and the group is thought to be disbanded.

The Remaining MembersEdit

To date, only four members are known to still be alive:

  • Count Dracula
  • Lestat De Lioncourt
  • The Blood Countess, Erzsebet
  • The Dark Destroyer, Nikolai (this member is not of the original thirteen, but rather the newest addition.)


The Chaos ProjectEdit

Nosferatu has minimum involvement in the Chaos Project, a project started by the Shining Witch and the Glooming Witch. Only two members are known to have been involved: Dracula and Nikolai.

Witches Man, WitchesEdit

Near the end of the story, the last four members gather at Baba Yaga's Castle to assist with the Shining Witches ambition to spread the Dark Wavelength across the world, ultimately strengthening beings such as vampires and pre-Kishins and bringing Erik back to her side.

Authors NoteEdit

I realize that this information isn't necessarily Noir Ange information. I really hope the author doesn't mind, and if she does I suppose I can delete this. If so, I may make a wiki of my own (unlikely) since a wiki is really convenient for organizing my thoughts. ---Allen Bedillion Trahurn