"I bet I could bully you to death from here!"

Classification Black Blood/Demon Sword/Dark Weapon (Post human?)
Height 7'8"
Weight N/A
Race N/A
Complextion Black/White
Hair N/A
Eye Colour Black
Birthday N/A
Souls Sound N/A

Ragnarok exists for the most part as black blood in the bloodstream of the demon swordsman Chrona. When a black or other shapr object breaks through Chrona's skin, Ragnarok will harden in the bloodstream, rendering Chrona practically invulnerable. Ragnarok can also form a huge, hulcking black form that emerges from halfway up Chrona's back, or he can become a heavy broadsword, with red lips near the base of the blade from which Ragnarok may speak or, in resonance with Chrona, scream.