Soul in Blackroom

Soul inside 'The Black Room'

Soul is one of the primary Weapons of the series, especially since he is the titular charachter. His Weapon form is a scythe with a red and black blade, and grey handle.


Usually calm and laid-back, Soul is considered a very "cool" guy around the academy. He, however can be easily frustrated. It is shown that he is a slightly grumpy person who can have a bit of a temper, and from time to time loses his cool if pushed far enough.


Soul was born to an affluent family in North Wales. Younger brother to Wes Evans, and son of Alvina and Cade Evans, Soul is the only one in his family other than his great-grandfather who had weapon blood. Even before that was discovered, he was classified the black sheep of the family, and was always compared to seemingly perfect his older brother. He llived in an estate in Nothwestern Wales, and attended the Newberry Fine Arts Academy in New Hëvan, Wales alongside his brother. There he met William Albarn and his younger sister Sarah. Both Soul and his brother were invited to Sarah's birthday party to play for entertainment, where thier parents realized how musch of a threat the girl was to both their music careers. They decided to cut their connections to the Albarns after Soul and Sarah's abduction and return by kidnappers, but attended the funeral of Ferra and Chad.

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