Warlocks, often considered as male-Witches by the misinformed, can actually be called this by definition. However, true Warlocks are truly rare and powerful, and not to be trifled with lightly. Their magic is several times stronger than that of a regular Witch, especially when a Warlock has taken the time to hone their skills. Usually, a Warlock is the child of a strong human and a Witch, but full-bloods have been known to exist, and are that much more powerful. Additionally, it should be noted that Witches have a natuaral attraction to Warlocks, and usually compete with each other in order to take the Warlock as a mate.


In addition to stronger magic, Warlocks have a very strong bond to their familiars, even better than Witches even. Usually, they keep more than just one familiar, even if it isn't thier Animal Motif.

Magical AbilityEdit

Although Witch society is predominantely matriarchal, Warlocks are often given about as much respect as the Grand Witch. This is due to thier sheer amount of power when it comes to offensive and defensive spells/and or magic. It can be said a young Warlock could defeat the Grand Witch in a contest of Magial Ability with one arm behind his back, if he so chose. Thier control of that power, however, varies on the personality of the Warlock. Often when they are young they use Accidental Magic on a daily basis.