Weapons are humans that have the ability to transform either part, or all of their bodies, into some form of weapon. Usually, they are paired with a Meister in order to be used to their full potential. And are able to channel their Meister's Soul Wavelength to attack, in addition to using powerful techniques such as Soul Resonance.

Most Weapons seen in the series are the descendents of Magic Weapons created by the Witch Arachne. Magic Weapons are made when an ordinary weapon was embuded with a Witch soul and a Human soul allowing it to change form between human and Weapon. Regular Weapons in the series have this power too, but lack the witches soul and so must consume nine nine Kishin souls and a Witch soul to become closer to their intended state of existance (this is also how a Weapon becomes a Death Scythe, a weapon used by Lord Death.)

Weaons Seen in the SeriesEdit

Soul Eater EvansEdit

Ever loyal and fairly stubborn, Soul is the titular character of the series. His Weapon form is that of a large red and black scythe. 

Daniel AlbarnEdit

Shy and amicable, he is Maka's current Weapon. He is a very young, but very strong. His Weapon form is that of a large two-toned grey scythe.

Tsubaki NakatsukasaEdit

Elizabeth and Patricia ThompsonEdit

Pot of Fire and Pot of ThunderEdit

Gorosha Kuroi and Shinei KuroiEdit

Harvar D. ÉclairEdit

Jacqueline O. Lantern DupréEdit